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Smedley Dental

Combine an entrepreneurial young dentist with two historic buildings in downtown Zeeland. Add a pinch of retail frontage and a hefty helping of dental office goodness. Combine the two upstairs apartments and stir into one great new condo unit. The result is great new mixed use project for Smedley Dental.

The Smedley Dental building represents the sort of downtown redevelopment sought by the City of Zeeland. It brings professional services, retail and residential together in a model project for Zeeland's newly formed Shopping Area Redevelopment Board which is guiding the renewal of Downtown Zeeland.

Congratulations to Dr. Meredith on her new practice and on giving new life to two historic buildings and helping to create a vibrant downtown Zeeland. Thanks to all the Project Partners! Smedley Dental, First Companies, City of Zeeland, Think Design, Benco Dental.

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